We’re happy when it rains

Ellergreen Hydro is a UK focused small hydro developer and service provider

We’re passionate about water-power for many reasons. It is long-lasting. The technology is proven. It is beautifully simple. And we believe it's the most efficient and non-polluting way to produce electricity known to man.

We're active in three fields:


Everything you need to get a hydro project off the ground, including feasibility, design & consenting, construction, project management.


The construction and operation of our own schemes, and community owned schemes, primarily in the Lake District and Wales.


Heat Pumps 

Heat pumps are a great compliment to a hydro scheme or in their own right using electricity from the grid network. We design and install heat pump installations with a particular focus on commercial scale water source heat pump projects. 


We are supporting the global climate strikes 

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