Design & Consenting

When we’ve established that a site is feasible (which in some cases can be very feasible), we like to get stuck into making it real.
Topographical surveys To confirm exact heads, pipeline route/length etc.
Planning drawings Intake designs, powerhouse designs, general layout
Hydrological analysis Flow gauging, procuring gauging station data, installing flow gauge weirs, spot gauging
Turbine selection Pelton, Turgo, Crossflow, Francis, Kaplan, Archimedean Screw
Pipeline selection Material and best diameter for scheme
Planning consents Abstraction and impoundment licenses; planning permission; land drainage consent – preparation, submission and liaison with authorities until consent achieved
Commissioning of ecological surveys Includes specialist research into fisheries and bryophytes as necessary
Reports Drafting of all necessary statements including Design & Access, Construction Methodology etc.