We build and operate our own schemes

Ellergreen Hydro has learnt its trade by developing its own schemes. Since our foundation in 2008, we’ve been busy leading a renaissance in hydro in the English Lake District and surrounding regions, and have a growing portfolio of sites including the following:

Name KW - Project description Status Comment
Logan Gill 450kW - high head Operational  At the time the largest scheme built in Lake District on virgin ground for over a century.
Docker Nook Farm 15kW - medium head Operational Our first scheme and our "laboratory"
Kilnstones 30kW - high head Operational Hill farm scheme trialling effectiveness of high head schemes on very small catchments
Burneside 100kW - low head Operational Archimedean Screw scheme on SSSI/SAC river, to be built 2012.
Scandale Beck 900kW - high head Operational The largest scheme ever built on virgin ground in the Lake District
Rydal Beck 500kW - high head Operational Continuing Rydal Beck long history of hydropower with a modern redesign.

For more details see our Projects page

Development involves leasing appropriate sites, then arranging and financing every stage of development ourselves. It offers farmers and landowners a means to realise a return on a potential asset with no risk or outlay. Our terms are flexible and we also develop and invest in partnership with others in some cases. Please Contact us to find out more.